Central Valley Dairy Representative Monitoring Program

Nominations for CVDRMP Board underway

The Central Valley Dairy Representative Monitoring Program is conducting its annual elections to fill open seats for its Board of Directors.  All CVDRMP members in good standing will receive an official nomination card and instructions by U.S. mail.  Materials will be mailed to members on November 6, 2015.  

Eligible voters must return the enclosed self-addressed, postage-paid nomination postcard as soon as possible. Nominations must be received by December 1, 2015; nominations received after December 1, 2015 will not be counted, regardless of postmark.

Download a nomination form here.

For the benefit of dairy producers and water quality across our valley

The Central Valley Dairy Representative Monitoring Program is a not-for-profit group, organized and overseen by Central Valley dairy operators. The group's purpose is to reduce regulatory costs for member dairies by administering a representative groundwater monitoring program for dairies. A dairy's membership in good standing in CVDRMP can substitute for the current regulatory requirement to install monitoring wells, and is a lower-cost alternative.

All Central Valley dairy landowners and dairy operators were mailed an informational packet about the program in late October 2010. Applications for the program are still being accepted.  As of July 1, 2012 the application fee is $6,500.   Monthly membership dues are retroactive to July 1, 2011.  All of the information in the mailing can also be downloaded here (see links below).

If using this web page only, be sure to do ALL of the following steps.

  1. Download and print out all three of the following documents:
    a. Participation Agreement
    b. Letter of Intent
    c. Consent to Milk Check Deduction and Assignment
  2. Read all of the documents carefully.
  3. Sign all three of the documents. The Participation Agreement and the Letter of Intent must be signed by both the Dairy Landowner and the Dairy Operator if these are not the same person.
  4. Return all three of the signed documents to:

    915 L Street, C-431
    Sacramento, CA 95814


Invitation letter (Your invitation to join the CVDRMP, from the Chairman of the CVDRMP Board of Directors)

Fact Sheet (Includes "frequently asked questions" about the program, additional helpful information, a schedule of free informational meetings and a phone bank of volunteers who can answer questions about the program)

Participation Agreement (One of three documents you must sign and return to CVDRMP to become a member of the program. Read it carefully!)

Letter of Intent (Another document you must sign and return to CVDRMP to become a member of the program. This letter will be delivered to the Regional Water Quality Control Board on your behalf when you are accepted into the program)

Consent to Milk Check Deduction and Assignment (This form must be signed and returned to CVDRMP; it is your payment form).

If you have any questions about this web page or require further assistance, please email us at CVDRMP@gmail.com.