Monthly Report

Despite tough economic challenges, dairy families achieved milestones in 2012

There’s no doubt that 2012 was a challenging year for dairy families.  Record-high feed costs, the Midwest drought and low milk prices early in the year squeezed dairy families to the point where many had to close their barn doors. It’s estimated that more than 100 dairies shuttered in California in 2012, and that’s in addition to the more than 250 dairies that closed from 2009 to 2011.


California dairy farmer honored with prestigious stewardship award

California dairy families constantly renew their commitment to sustainability.  This means ongoing stewardship and protection of our planet’s precious natural resources, responsible and ethical care for animals, and delivering -- every single day -- nutrient-rich, healthy and safe dairy products to millions of consumers. 


California dairy families continue to raise the bar in sustainable livestock farming

It’s no secret that the California dairy community has made tremendous progress when it comes to sustainability. In an effort to tell the positive sustainability story of dairy families, Dairy Cares coalition members continue to look for opportunities to share this story firsthand with community leaders, stakeholders and other interested parties.


As pioneering monitoring effort reaches milestone, Valley dairy farmers deserve credit for leadership

Marking another giant step forward for sustainable dairy farming – especially protecting valuable water resources – a non-profit project led by California dairy farmers this month entered a second critical phase to expand the nation’s first dairy monitoring network.