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The "way of life" lives on 

California dairies use energy-efficient practices

The California dairy community recently lost a well-respected, passionate leader, Gregory O. "Butch" Dias Jr. While we are deeply saddened, 

we fondly remember the mark he left, personally and within the industry. His legacy serves as a reminder of the passion California dairy families have for the animals, the land, and the way of life.

A third-generation dairy farmer, Butch worked with sons Greg and Darren to carry on the family legacy with their own children now growing up on the dairy. He would say, “Dairy farming is not just a job, but a way of life.” Butch and his wife, Alice, would say the farm is in good hands.


Research guides California’s world-leading methane reduction

California dairies use energy-efficient practices

California is already making great strides toward the state’s ambitious goal to reduce dairy

methane by 40% by 2030. Progress is being made through dairy farm families’ voluntary efforts, coupled with the state’s tremendous investment in methane-reduction projects. However, there’s another equally important component—the cutting-edge research underway to benchmark and understand how emissions are created, measure reductions, and identify the most effective technologies and strategies.

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