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50+ Speakers to Highlight Dairy’s Leadership in Advancing Sustainable Food Systems

The virtual California Dairy Sustainability Summit takes place on April 12-14.

California’s family dairy farms are powering cars, trucks, ports, and houses with clean energy, while reducing climate emissions. They are also adopting practices to help improve air quality and enhance the conservation of resources. This progress is being made possible through world-leading collaboration and investment from across the public and private sectors. From a broader perspective, dairy communities here and throughout the globe are stepping up and partnering to reduce climate emissions, improve access to nutritious milk and dairy foods, and help advance sustainable food systems.

To further encourage dairy’s sustainability efforts, local, state, federal, and international stakeholders will convene online on April 12-14 for the third California Dairy Sustainability Summit. Event hosts look forward to welcoming 50+ expert speakers for live, interactive discussions that will help connect and educate dairy farmers, policymakers, technology providers, food and beverage companies, industry leaders, researchers, and others.

High-caliber speakers from across California and abroad will contribute to valuable conversations. Virtual attendees can look forward to the following:

Day One: Global, Supply Chain, Scientific, and Policy Perspectives

  • The event will kick off with a discussion among state, federal, and international leaders, highlighting partnerships and efforts that are working to significantly reduce climate emissions and promote the health of people and planet.

  • Food and beverage leaders from Starbucks and Nestlé will join the CEO of California’s largest dairy cooperative, California Dairies, Inc., to discuss how they are working together to support dairy farmers and improve sustainability throughout the supply chain.

  • Experts in animal health and emissions will shine light on pathways for the dairy and livestock sectors to achieve climate neutrality.

  • State and federal policymakers will discuss incentive-based strategies for promoting adoption of planet-smart dairy farm practices.

Day Two: Honing in on Challenges and Opportunities

  • Leaders from dairy cooperatives and processors will share how they are supporting family dairy farmers, while working toward their own ambitious sustainability goals.

  • Nutrition experts will highlight efforts to advance collaboration, coordination, and contribution within the dairy sector to ensure that both plant and animal source foods remain essential to healthy, sustainable food systems.

  • A dairy farmer, environmental leader, and industry expert will discuss progress in environmental sustainability that is currently being achieved by dairy farm families.

  • A former dairy farmer, economist, and civil engineer will talk about California’s significant water scarcity challenge, potential implications, and strategies for navigating the road ahead.

  • A wide array of experts will discuss current efforts to explore opportunities to maximize manure’s role in building healthy soils and protecting our air, water, and climate.

Day 3: Latest Technologies, Strategies, and Research

  • Technology providers will showcase innovative projects that are reducing methane and improving water quality on California dairies—from worms to algae to fuel cells, and more.

  • A world-renowned researcher and leaders from four feed additive companies will talk about progress, barriers and opportunities toward reducing enteric methane emissions from dairy cattle.

  • California dairy producers and processors will be recognized for sustainability achievements on the farm, in the plant, and throughout the community.

  • Dairy farmers and a leading expert will discuss achievements to date and ongoing progress in reducing dairy’s environmental footprint through breeding strategies.

  • Researchers will answer questions about some of their most-recent projects to explore new technologies and strategies related to California dairy sustainability.

Something for All

The third California Dairy Sustainability Summit offers the most robust agenda yet. Attendees will discover new ideas and opportunities to explore within their own farms, companies, research institutions, or government agencies. Through important conversations, the Summit will further align partners from across public and private sectors, promoting the continued advancement of healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy planet. Download the full agenda here.

Register today at to learn more about the policies, strategies and technologies that are shaping dairy’s planet-smart future.


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