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Save the Date: California Dairy Sustainability Summit Announces 2020 Dates

Updated: May 1, 2019

Dairy industry stakeholders, dairy operators, and policymakers will return to Sacramento March 25-26, 2020, to showcase California’s world-leading sustainable dairy farm practices.

Organizers of the California Dairy Sustainability Summit have announced the dates for the next conference, planned for March 25-26, 2020, at Cal Expo in Sacramento. The Summit is hosted by California’s largest dairy organizations—Dairy Cares, California Dairy Quality Assurance Program, California Dairy Research Foundation, Dairy Council of California, and California Milk Advisory Board. The co-hosts seek to educate California’s policymakers on the extraordinary steps the state’s dairy sector is taking to solidify their position as the global leader in sustainable farming, to nourish a growing population now and into the future, while ensuring the health of people and our planet.

California’s dairy sector, the largest in the nation, is integral to the state’s economy and supports about 180,000 jobs. As dairy operators face a challenging timeframe to reduce methane emissions, fast approaching water regulations, and rising labor and energy costs, at a time when food choices are being increasingly scrutinized, the 2020 Summit will provide valuable information, technology and contacts needed to survive and thrive in this changing landscape.

In its inaugural year, the Summit welcomed more than 650 attendees, including 200+ dairy farmers, innovative technology and fuel providers, researchers, industry associations, and public agencies. The Summit also attracted leaders from throughout state government, eager to work with dairy farmers to ensure that they can help California meet its environmental, energy diversity and economic goals.

“California’s dairy families have long been dedicated to providing consumers with nutritious and affordable foods, while continually focusing on reducing our carbon footprint, conserving water, setting high standards for animal health, and promoting sustainable business practices,” said Charles “Chuck” Ahlem, a California dairy farmer and director for three of the hosting organizations. “With the 2020 Summit dates set, we’re looking forward to another opportunity to bring hundreds of dairy farmers together to share best practices, discuss challenges, and develop proactive solutions for issues that will impact the future of the industry.”

Through a series of informative panel discussions, keynotes presentations, interactive workshops, and an exhibition hall, the California Dairy Sustainability Summit will explore how dairy farmers across the state can continue improving their environmental sustainability efforts, develop new business opportunities, further reduce costs, and advocate for dairy’s role in healthy and sustainable eating patterns.

Official event partners to date include the California Farm Bureau Federation, California Dairy Campaign, California Dairies, Inc., Dairy Farmers of America - Western Area, Dairy Institute of California, Hilmar Cheese Company, Joseph Gallo Farms, Land O’ Lakes, Milk Producers Council, and Producers Dairy Foods, Inc.

Sponsor and exhibitor opportunities are now available for the 2020 Summit. Registration will open in December 2019. To learn more, visit



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