Methane, Cows, and Climate Change:

California Dairy's Path to Climate Neutrality

UC Davis white paper looks at evolving climate science and its implications for the California dairy sector.

California Dairy's Climate Neutral Future


California's family dairy farmers are world leaders in developing climate-smart practices. They are making great strides to reduce reliance on fossils fuels and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. 

Fighting Climate Change

California dairy farms have

reduced GHG emissions

by more than 45%

over the past 50 years. 


Helping Cool the Planet

California set an ambitious goal to reduce dairy manure methane emissions by 40% by 2030. With ongoing incentive funding and collaboration, efforts are currently on track to meet that goal and achieve "climate neutrality" in the near future.



Soaking Up the Sun

More than 125 California dairy farms are creating clean, solar energy. Dairies are also reducing reliance on fossil fuels through energy efficiency and electrifying farm equipment.



What is Climate Neutrality?

When an entity or industry has no net global warming impact. "Warming Neutral."



Dairy Farm Families Are...

World Leaders

By implementing digesters and

 alternative manure management

projects, California dairy farms are further reducing GHG emissions.


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