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“By working together, we can ensure that our actions are truly sustainable—economically, socially and environmentally—so we can continue our important work of providing nutritious, enjoyable, and affordable dairy foods.”
  -   Josh Zonneveld, 3rd Generation CA Dairy Farmer

California dairy farmers are leading the way with planet-smart practices.

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'Planet-Smart Dairy' means producing more nutrient-rich milk with less water, less energy, and fewer fossil fuels. It's about dairy farmers being 'smart' with how they conserve and protect our shared resources. 

California dairy farmers are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, generating renewable energy, and producing carbon-negative transportation fuel.


Through increased production efficiency, the carbon footprint of a glass of California milk has been reduced by more than 45 percent over the past

50-plus years.


Less GHGs


California dairy farmers use water-smart management practices to conserve and protect this precious and increasingly scarce resource.


The amount of water used to produce each gallon of California milk has decreased more than 88 percent over the past 50-plus years.


Less Water


California dairy farmers are world leaders in energy-smart practices. They are reducing usage and generating clean, renewable energy.

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More than 150 California dairy farms are generating solar energy for on-farm usage.


California dairy farmers are resource-smart, continually improving how they manage and protect our shared water, land, and air.


Over the past 50-plus years, California dairy farms have significantly reduced their environmental footprint,

using 89% less land and 88% less water.

Less Land 



California dairy farmers are making significant efforts to help clean the San Joaquin Valley air.


Over the past several decades, California dairy farmers have been switching to electric irrigation pumps and cleaner equipment—significantly reducing reliance on fossil fuels and helping clean the air and improve public health. 

Ninety-nine percent of California dairy farms are owned and operated by families, who serve as dedicated stewards of the land, environment, and animal well-being. They are partnering with the state and others to invest in innovative practices that will allow them to continue providing nutrient-rich, affordable foods, while working to protect the planet—helping meet the health needs of people and creating a more secure and resilient food system.  

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