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Dairy farm families work collaboratively with researchers, regulatory agencies, and community stakeholders.

Dairies use research-based strategies.

California dairy farmers continue to work closely with researchers and regulators to develop science-based management strategies for a better environment. Historic research completed by the University of California and California State University has put our state at the forefront of knowledge on livestock emissions and sustainable dairy management. Working with state and local air quality regulators, the California dairy community has provided critical funding and support for ongoing, research efforts. This includes the recent funding provided for groundwater monitoring and protection research. This research will prove critical as dairies strive to continuously improve water quality protection.

Water quality is an issue that must be addressed by all stakeholders, including dairy farmers. I find it very encouraging that we’re all sitting at the table looking at the challenges together, listening to each other. That’s ultimately what will lead to better water quality for everyone.”


Dairy Cares is a non-profit organization with a mission to ensure the long-term sustainability of California’s dairy farming families.

Dairy Cares - Formed in 2001, Dairy Cares is a statewide coalition that works to ensure the long-term sustainability of California’s farming families through strong environmental stewardship, responsible animal care, and adherence to the core values of honesty, ethics, diligence,

and community. Learn more about Dairy Cares.


Califonia Dairy Research Foundation promotes innovative and sustainable practices.

California Dairy Research Foundation (CDRF) - The CDRF is a non-profit organization that uses research and science-based programs to promote an innovative and sustainable California and U.S. dairy industry. They support the implementation of effective state and national initiatives designed to increase consumer and customer demand for milk and dairy products.

California Dairy Quality Assurance Program

California Dairy Quality Assurance Program (CDQAP) -

The award-winning CDQAP was established in 1997 as a collaborative partnership between the dairy industry, academia, state and federal agencies and others to promote the health of consumers, the health of the environment, and the health and welfare of dairy animals. CDQAP is a program of the California Dairy Research Foundation.

The Central Valley Dairy Representative Monitoring Program (CVDRMP) has built a network of designated monitoring wells designed to ensure groundwater protection

Central Valley Dairy Representative Monitoring Program (CVDRMP) - Established in 2010, the CVDRMP is a non-profit organization led by Central Valley dairy operators. CVDRMP has built a network of designated monitoring wells designed to ensure groundwater protection. The group's purpose is to ensure protection  of California's water resources, while reducing regulatory costs for dairy families.

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