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California dairy families are leaders monitoring, managing, and protecting groundwater resources. They operate under the most comprehensive and stringent water quality regulations in the nation. California dairy families have improved water supply protection and have invested more than $20 million annually in water quality improvements since 2007.

Learn more about water protection in action.

Tremendous progress has been made in how California dairy families continue to protect air quality. This includes the reduction of both smog-forming emissions and greenhouse gas emissions. Dairy families are committed to further improving air quality through on-going collaboration with state agencies and research institutions.

Explore dairy families' commitment to air quality.

San Joaquin Valley dairy farmers have reduced smog- forming emissions from their farms by more than 30 percent over the past four years. We know more today than ever before about these emissions and how to control them, thanks to a cooperative effort of researchers, air district scientists and support from dairy organizations.” 

  – Seyed Sadredin, Air Pollution Control Officer

 San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution 
Control District




California Dairy Quality Assurance Program helps dairy families protect water and air quality.

Since 1997, the award-winning California Dairy Quality Assurance Program (CDQAP) has been helping dairy farm families and employees protect water and air quality, improve animal care, and enhance food safety and farm security by providing science-based education and training and third-party certification. The program provides a forum to continually improve resource management practices and demonstrate California dairy’s commitment to quality.

CDQAP  focuses on:
•    Environmental Stewardship
•    Animal Health and Welfare
•    Farm Security and Food Safety

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